September 20, 2018

Alice In Wonderland


Alice was just an ordinary girl, doing ordinary teenager stuff with her friends, just like ordinary teenagers do. This particularly day she had gone to the forest near her home with her sister. This day was special for both of them, because they had decided to try drugs for the first time. Together, obviously, because they were so close, that they wanted to experience those things always together for the first time.

There they were, two girls sitting in the woods, excited and somewhat scared. Alice was the first one to have the courage to take the yellow pill out of the bag and put it in her mouth. The taste was bitter, but still so sweet. It was unexplainable, how it tasted so bad and so good at the same time. She had a fizzy feeling in her mouth.

– This must be what life tastes like, Alice thought in her head as she swallowed the pill.

Minutes went on and nothing happened. Her sister observed the situation for a while and then she also picked up a pill, which was bright green. When the girls looked at the pill more carefully, they saw a small hat carved onto the top. It was like a top hat, that fine gentlemen used long ago. They laughed.

The laughter continued – at least in Alices head. She stopped laughing, but she could still hear herself laughing. Her sister could see her lie down on her back, but all Alice felt was falling into deep, black hole. She was scared, because the hole didn’t seem to have an end. Finally, the spiral ended and she was in a strange room that had coloured walls. She saw a flash, of what seemed to be a white bunny, disappearing right in front of her eyes.

Alice looked around her. She had a dizzy feeling, like she wasn’t quite awake. There was a table and few chairs in the room. At the top of the table she saw a tiny bottle and bunch of different coloured cookies. At the wall, there was a tiny doorknob, that seemed to snore quietly.

– Eat me, a cookie said to Alice. The cookie had eyes and it stared right at her.

– Drink me, the bottle whispered right after.

Alice then realized that this must be a dream, a trippy dream caused by the drug she took. She remembered the hat that was carved onto the pill. Mad dream it was.

There was no other way of getting out of the room than just the tiny doorknob, a voice in her head explained. Now she just had to figure out how to get so small she could fit through it. After a while she realized that the juice from the bottle made her smaller, but when she tasted the juice, she forgot the door key on the table. Cookies laughed at her as she ate them to get bigger again. Luckily, she didn’t drink all of the magical juice at first zip so she could get smaller again. And she did. Then, another world opened to her.

First thing she saw after all was a cat, a strange cat with an awfully big mouth. It looked like the cats mouth was endless, as it grinned to Alice. The cat introduced himself as the Cheshire cat. Everything seemed impossible. Soon Alice was left speechless when the cat literally disappeared in front of her eyes.

Alice felt dizzy. She was starting to forget that she, indeed, was high on drugs and this all was just a dream or an hallucination.

Alice looked around and then saw white fur. It was the bunny she thought she saw earlier. The bunny was carrying a clock and was certainly in a hurry, as he constantly repeated to himself that he was late.

– Late for what? Alice yelled to the bunny that went on with his mantra.

She didn’t get an answer, so she decided to follow that odd, little fella. Luckily, she did, because she later on found herself in a very strange situation that was going to change the way she thought of the drug she took.  

What she then saw was quite unexplainable, unbelievable. She saw many things she didn’t even know could exist. She was in a world full of possibilities. There was this caterpillar, who spoke to her and smoked some pot at the same time. There was the crazy hatter, whose hat Alice recognized from the pill. There she also saw an evil queen, who had extremely, abnormally large head. The queen even had soldiers, that were actually play cards. In this world it was all normal.

It was undoubtedly a wonderland for Alice, with a capital W.



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